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Try out our services FREE OF CHARGE to find the perfect rent house. Choose from thousands of apartments, rental homes, townhomes for rent, condos, or other rental property at your price range and available now at your location. Rental Homes Available was created by real estate professionals with years of experience to create an easy way for renters to find their home.

Just use our simple tools and you will find exactly what you are looking for. Bookmark this site for later so that you can find the perfect rental home in your neighborhood, near your office, your schools, and friends. Rental Homes Available is your dependable source to find apartments or houses in your area, and within your budget. Plus, you can find valuable information and tips on tenant insurance, finding a roommate, and credit checks.

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Here's what you NEED to know BEFORE you rent:
You must know the implications of the lease you are signing. Your landlord is bound by law to disclose information about the rental property you are leasing, as well as information about their policies. These include whether there are any 'common area' expenses, if there is a shared utility meter and if so, how the expenses are calculated, if there are any building code violations, lead paint issues, and extra fees, such as credit checks or tenant screening fees. It is important that you ask questions about the landlord's rules and regulations, length of time in business, and that you get to know the person you will be dealing with hopefully for a long time. If you possibly can, visit with at lease two other current tenants and ask the following questions.

  • What are the penalties for late rent?
  • Why is the current tenant leaving?
  • Are the rental property and grounds kept in good condition?
  • >Does the landlord respond quickly to repairs on the rental home?
  • Does the heating/cooling work properly?
  • Are there bug problems?
  • Are there any crime/theft problems in the area?

Be sure to check out other issues, such as whether you should have tenant insurance for your rental home, whether you should consider a roommate to help pay the rent on your house or apartment, and what is involved in a tenant rental home credit check before you sign the lease contract. Follow these guidelines to make your time in your rental home enjoyable and hassle free.

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If you are looking for an agent or broker, try out our partner site At the Real Estate Available website, you will find a wealth of contacts, brokers, agents and other resources. You can search all major cities in the US to help find a home for sale that is right for you. Good luck in the search for your new home!

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